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Three Flexible Recruiting Suites. One Powerful Platform.


The first unified recruiting platform of its kind now has three product suites that keep your business agile and poised for growth. Use the entire platform for a seamless experience, or integrate the suites with your other applicant tracking and HR systems for ultimate flexibility.

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Features of this partner:

Today's complex recruiting technology often makes for a cumbersome candidate experience. But now you can position yourself as an employer of choice while consolidating multiple career sites and application processes - streamlining the admin and candidate experiences.


It's a mobile, digital world and if you're not using mobile, digital tools, you're standing still. Use text, chatbots, and other AI-enabled tools to nurture relationships, centralise communication across multiple platforms, and engage candidates when and how they want.


Disparate systems, manual methods, and other workarounds can bog down the hiring process. But now you can stay agile and move fast, automate processes, and create the best brand experiences to hire the best candidates.

Hear from their Clients 

The iCIMS team has carefully thought through the essential components of such a platform and designed an elegant solution that fully supports the most comprehensive talent acquisition strategy.”

Brandan Hall Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst